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Which platform should you use to DIY your website: Wix or Squarepace?

One of the big challenges new entrepreneurs face when starting their businesses is choosing which website builder to use to create professional, beautiful websites that stand out in a sea of competition.

I know this struggle intimately. I have easily spent a hundred+ hours mastering the various website-building platforms out there. Over the years of designing code-free websites, I have built websites on four popular platforms: Squarespace, Wix, Showit and Wordpress.

In addition to having a website you can be proud of, I believe it is equally important for entrepreneurs to know how to easily update, customize and add opt-in offer funnels and sales pages to their site - without having to go through the expense, time-consuming process of working with a design agency.

So, when I evaluated which platform to use for my business, I ranked it on:

👉 How easy is it to learn how to use the platform?

👉 Does it come with integrated, built-in apps and functionality?

👉 What built-in SEO capabilities does it have?

👉 Can the platform grow with my business? (I knew I wanted to go from offering 1:1 services to also offering online courses and doing webinar marketing.)

👉 Will my website be safe and secure from hackers?

👉 How many hours per month of backend maintenance will I need to do to keep it safe and secure?

👉 Is it affordable?

To save you the frustration and headaches I went through, I am going to cut to the chase and share with you 9 reasons why I recommend using Wix!


ONE Easy of Use

Of all four platforms, Wix is by far the most intuitive and easy to use. It has drag and drop features. When using Squarespace, you need to sleuth around to find the place where you are able to update the fonts for the header for example, and who has the time to do all that digging!


Built-in resources: photo libraries, icons, graphics, etc.

Again, Wix wins over Squarespace and Showit in this area too!

Wix has an amazing built in library of royalty free stock photography, and graphics that you can add to your website on the fly! Plus you have direct access to Unsplash and Shutterstock within the Wix website builder.

This is a huge plus! On the other hand, with the other platforms,iIf you want to use photos and images on your Squarespace or Showit websites, you must first search for them on line, purchase the permission to use-licenses (if they aren’t royalty free stock images already), download them to your computer and then upload them to SquareSpace or Show-it. What a nightmare!


Wix has Super Easy SEO wizard

WIx again has made life easier in this arena too! Wix makes it so easy to SEO your website in minutes with their SEO wizard.


You Have Complete Creative Freedom With Wix's Drag-and-Drop Editor!

Because of Wix’s easy-to-use interface, you can design your website in a free and intuitive manner, as if you were an artist painting on canvas with a full palette of colors, brushes and tools to choose from.

On the other hand, SquareSpace is so templated that it can be really frustrating to use. Also, with the other platforms, you need to preselect all of your graphics, images, etc. and upload them pre-formatted to Squarepace and Showit, making it next to impossible to design intuitively.



Wix is by far the most cost-friendly platform out there. In addition, you can take your time designing your website before actually purchasing a plan. Since there is not time limit, you don’t have the pressure of having to learn how to use the Wix builder in only 2 weeks (as with Squarespace and Showit) before having to upgrade to a full price subscription.


A Beautiful Variety Of Templates

Wix offers the widest range of templates designed for each industry. Their template library is amazing and you can easily design a website that looks custom and unique to your branded business. (Versus the generic look you get when you use one of Squarespace's templates)

🙌 Plus, Brandify has professionally-designed, strategic templates just for you!

I put together three kits to meet you at every step of your journey:

  1. The Essential Site Kit: This is for you if you want a new, beautiful & strategically designed website on Wix.

  2. A Kit for Online Course Creators: This is for you when you are ready to host an online course on Wix.

  3. Wix Webinars Kit: This is for you when you want to start marketing your courses using webinars.


Stress-free Built-in Integrations

If you use another platform, you will quickly realize that in order to make it functional, you need to integrate other applications with it. THIS IS STRESSFUL!

Wix offers a variety of apps that you can use to easily get your business up and running! Apps run the range from an on-line delivery ordering system for restaurants, to a scheduling calendar app that allows your coaching clients to book sessions with you, to a reservation booking system for AirBnB house rentals, and so on!


You can host an Online Course Platform on your own Wix site!


FREE Backend Office Applications with Wix e-Commerce plans

Do you need to send purchase orders? Price Quotes? Invoices?

There is no need to spend extra money on CRMs because Wix has a suite of back-office business tools you can use for free when you sign up for an e-commerce plan.

For these reasons, I sincerely believe that Wix is the BEST choice for emerging entrepreneurs to launch their businesses online quickly, easily and affordably.


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