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7 Reasons Why I Love Using Wix For My Online Course Business

Do you have a great idea for an online course? Perhaps you even signed up for Amy Porterfield’s Digital Course Academy (DCA) and have already outlined an amazing course!

And then, when you are ready to launch it online, your excitement turns into overwhelming stress trying to figure out all the tech you need to implement it.

If you are stressed out and overwhelmed by all the techie stuff you need to do to launch your course, you are not alone! It even gave me a migraine, and I’m a professional website designer!

I took DCA and loved the program. However, when it came to Amy’s tech recommendations, I had to stop and pause. In DCA she recommends using Kajabi for your all-in-one platform.

This is where I had to take a deep breath…Kajabi costs $149/month for the most basic level.

That adds up fast…. $1788 per year.

As a new course creator, I need to be strategic and prioritize my budget dollars. I would happily pay Kajabi’s high price tag if I felt it was the best solution for the price.

So, I started researching other options. After doing a deep dive into investigating the big course platforms, Kajabi, Podia, Thinkific, Teachable, and Searchie, I discovered that Wix offers EVERYTHING I need as a new online course creator!

Contrary to popular belief, Wix DOES have an amazing, super easy to use, built-in, online course platform!

With Wix, you can offer:

  • Evergreen courses,

  • Drip content,

  • Take a cohort through on a schedule (DCA Style),

  • Offer challenges, and more!

I decided to test it out and I launched my first course, Launch A Signature Website on it. Needless to say, I am thrilled!

Here are 7 Reasons I LOVE Wix for my online course business:


It is simple to create my courses, add content (videos, pdf’s, Soundcloud, etc), and promote and sell my course on my website.

Plus, my students love the intuitive classroom interface.


Kajabi annual cost: $1788

(for their basic plan)

Wix annual cost: $282**

(for a Business Basic premium plan + Ascend)

Wix offers everything I need AND it’s super affordable! It’s all free when you have a Wix premium subscription!


The TOTAL amount I pay for ALL of Wix’s features and email system is only $23.50 month.

Business Basic Plan: $13.50

Wix Ascend Plan: $11

*** Both of these prices are Wix sale prices.

Pro-Tip: If you are going to use Wix and Ascend, wait to buy the plans until they are 50% off. … Which run at least once a month.

For $13.50 a month, I can….
  • Build and host my website.

  • Host my course on their Online Course Platform

  • Host live meetings for people up to 25

  • I can host webinars (for free!) for up to 250

  • Send email automations

  • Have a basic CRM: This is where I track my client interactions and do all of my client invoicing (for Website design projects)


Because my website and online course platform are on Wix, I can save time because everything (Images, videos, Pdfs etc) is easily hosted and accessible in one place.


Boost your SEO by having your course hosted on your own website because you will have more site visitors! Plus - also to contrary believe - Wix has awesome SEO capabilities!


Wix’s Email and Customer Management System is called Ascend. Just like Wix, Ascend is very generous in what they offer for free. I personally upgraded to a paid plan, and again, waited until it was 50% off. So I only pay $11/month.

Also, I believe in being totally honest… So I want to let you know that at some point in time, I may use ConvertKit so I can have more advanced features and functionality. However, for now Ascend is perfect.

SEVEN: No Integration Nightmare!

I don’t need to integrate all the tech together!

After reading the long list of pros, you might be wondering what is the con of using Wix?

What’s the caveat of using Wix over Kajabi?

Kajabi comes with basic sales page and opt-in templates, so it is easier to use. With Wix, it’s a DIY system.

However, that is why I created the Brandify x Wix Kits! I want to offer you a total, AFFORDABLE solution. I've done all the heavy lifting designing and building out strategic website pages, online course pages, long-form sales pages and opt-in funnels. All you have to do is swap out the photos, change the colors and add your own copy!

The BxW kits come include:

Pre-designed, plug-n-play, strategic sales page templates

How-to course - videos, SEO guide, quick start brand module, etc...

Live Q&A support!

... Are you curious?

Learn more here...

*Please know this post contains an affiliate link. Thanks for using it!


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