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5 Benefits of Having Your Online Course Platform on Your Own Wix Site!

Are you ready to jump into the world of teaching online courses and wondering which platform is best place to sell and host them?

I recommend using Wix. It's online course platform is five stars! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Plus if you have your main website hosted on Wix, you are ahead of the game! Why? Because Wix offers an online course platform that is included for FREE with your premium membership! Woo hoo! Go you! Plus, there are so many benefits of having your course and website all in one place!

Here are 5 awesome benefits of using Wix to host your online course or challenge.

O1: Save money! ... lots of it! The other platforms charge monthly subscription fees. Also, some of them also take a commission for each course you sell.

(Kajabi $149/month: Teachable ....

O2: Save time! It's a more streamlined process to store all your images, PDFs and videos in one central media library.

(If you use Kajabi or ConvertKit for example, you will need to find another place to store all of your media for download)

O3: Simply your tech! Your website and course platform are integrated together! You can spare yourself all the tech integration headaches! Plus if you use Wix Ascend for your email marketing, that is all integrated too.

(You can avoid a huge tech stack: No need to integrate your website, opt-in funnel or landing pages, e-commerce app to sell your course with your automated email marketing!)

O4: Boost your SEO: Two ways to boost SEO is by having more people visit your website and spend more time on it. If they are coming to YOUR site to access your course content, you will increase your SEO!

O5: Your students will have a better, more cohesive, branded user experience.

In summary, if you are a course creator, I bet you want to spend your time and energy creating your course content and serving your students - Not spending hours trying to figure out how to make all the tech work together.

By using Wix for both your main site and your online course platform, you will save time, money, boost your SEO and make your life easier.

Plus, your potential students will have a better user experience because their customer journey will be more unified. It's a Win-Win!


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