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Is Wix a Good Long-Term Choice For My Coaching Business

Did you use Wix to build your website but worry that it’s not a good choice? Or perhaps you are getting ready to build your site on Wix but have heard some rumors that it can’t grow with your business.

If you said yes, you aren’t alone. I know many coaches, artists and online course creators who used Wix to build their sites because it’s so easy to use. Even though it’s a much loved website platform, they start to stress that it has bad SEO or that Squarespace or WordPress is better.

Perhaps you are a coach or an artist who plans to start teaching courses online. You know you will need a solid online course platform to sell, market and host your course. You may even want to use webinars to market them. If this sounds like you, then let me put your mind at ease.

Wix is an excellent choice!

There is so much MIS-information out there….

  • That Wordpress has better SEO than Wix

  • That Wix is affordable to start out on, but then you will need to spend extra money so you can have the features and functionality you want.

  • I have even read in comparison reviews that Wix does not have email marketing for list segmentation.

  • And Kajabi reports that Wix doesn’t offer a built-in online course platform.

Let’s bust some myths!

01/ SEO MYTH: Wix has poor SEO capabilities

TRUTH: Wix has AMAZING SEO! Plus it is intuitive to use!

Wix has easy-to-use website tools that let you SEO everything on your site - images, blog posts, social shares, etc. Plus it has an SEO Wizard that will guide you through the process step-by-step.

I use Wix to build websites for tech companies, large infrastructure construction management companies, coaches, artists, and more. After I build the site, I always test the performance and it comes back with Excellent marks for the desktop version and industry standard for the mobile performance.

Wix SEO Features:

· Page loading speed:

News Flash! Wix is lightning fast! This past year, Wix has made a heavy infrastructure investment in their servers so that your page speed is super fast.

· Instant-Indexing with Google:

Wix has the "upper hand on Squarespace SEO tools because it has instant thanks to its instant- indexing partnership with Google."

· Easy-to-Find and Use SEO tools:

Wix has all of the major SEO tools you need in the editor and dashboard. It’s easy to use and easy to find.

View More Wix SEO Capabilities

Read more: Truth Telling: Wix v WordPress here: An honest review of when it's better for you to use Wix or WordPress.

02/ Price & Value MYTH: If you use Wix, the expenses add up fast so you can have the features and functionality you want.

TRUTH: Wix Premium Plans are VERY affordable and come fully loaded with features!

I only pay $13.50/per month for everything I use!

I am on the Premium Business Unlimited plan. The regular price is $27/month, and on sale, it’s only $13.50 per month. Then, when my site is set to renew at the regular price, I have a hack to make sure that it renews at the sale price. Want to see the hack? I’ll write a how-to post on that soon!

For just $13.50/mo, all these features are included!

  • e-Commerce

  • Online course platform

  • Webinar and live meeting platform

  • Simple online booking calendar

  • Easy invoicing

  • Basic CRM

  • Automations

  • Workflows

  • Social media planning calendar

  • More...

03/ Email Segmentation

MYTH: No Email Segmentation - You can’t segment your email list.

TRUTH: Yes you can segment your email contacts!

PRO TIP: How do I do this? You can easily label your contacts and create custom filters so you can be sure you are sending your email broadcasts to only the contacts who will find it valuable.

04/ No Built-in Online Course Platform

MYTH: Kajabi reports that you can't host a course on Wix. (This article from Kajabi is very outdated.)

TRUTH: It has a Built-in Online Course Platform:

Let me assure you that Wix has an amazing online course platform. I use it for my business and love it! (My students love it too!)

Get the Online Course Comparison Checklist

Kajabi v Teachable v Thinkific v Wix


When you are in the first few years of business, it is important to be strategic with your budget dollars. Wix is an excellent, affordable all-in-one solution for coaches, artists and online course creators. It has a robust platform that offers many, if not all, of the features and functionalities that an emerging entrepreneur wants and needs.

Waiting until you need those extra bells and whistles (that also have learning curves to overcome to be able to use them) is a smart move. Those extra dedicated CRMs, Online Course Platforms, Webinar platforms and EMS cost additional monthly fees. Those fees add up fast! Why not wait to pay for them until you are ready to use them!

Until then, I trust you will be very happy with everything Wix can do for you!


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