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Positive associations: Communication, clarity, calmness, inspiration, self-expression, healing

Negative implications: Boastfulness, secrecy, unreliability, reticence, indecision, aloofness

"Turquoise is a transformational color, embodying its spectral position between the contemplative security of blue and the organic ease of green. It suggests clarity of thought and communication. It is an inspiring color, associated with recharging the spirit, replenishing energy levels, and provoking positive thought.

Turquoise is at once introspective and outwardly expressive, suggesting creativity and self-expression. In the marketplace, turquoise is often found in brands centered on communication, including education, media, and computer technology. It is an ideal color for cleaning products as it evokes cleanliness and purity without being too sterile.

As a color of transformation, turquoise can suggest indecision and a lack of grounded deliberation when used in the wrong context."

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