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Positive associations::

Royal, wealth, creative, imaginative, wise, luxury, spirituality

Negative implications: Introversion, decadence, suppression, inferiority, extravagance, moodiness

At the intersection of red and blue, purple is an intriguing balance of masculine and feminine traits—at once warm and cool, yet neither. This melding of blue’s calmness and red’s stimulation can be unnerving unless the dominance of one or the other is clear. Blueish purple, then, is patently cool, while reddish purple is patently warm.

Purple is the color of royalty and bravery, and connotes wealth, luxury, and sophistication. It is among the rarest colors in nature and as such can come across as either special or artificial.

Purple sits in the shortest wavelength and is the last to be visible. For this reason, it is associated with time, space, and the cosmos. It’s imbued with spirituality, contemplation, and mediation, suggesting creativity and imagination.

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