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Positive attributes: Femininity, playfulness, immaturity and unconditional love, imaginative, passion, transformation, creative.

Negative associations: Outrageousness, nonconformity, flippancy, impulsiveness and eccentricity.

Not quite red and not quite purple, magenta is very much its own hue with a slew of distinct and psychological implications. Magenta is a color of emotional balance and physical harmony. It’s sophisticated yet pragmatic, evocative of logic and perspicacity.

Magenta is redolent of compassion, support, and kindness, and is associated with feelings of self-respect and contentment. It’s a color of transformation, suggesting the sloughing off of old ideas and the embrace of new ones.

Magenta retains a certain level of boldness from red and can appear either outrageous and shocking or innovative and imaginative, depending on the context. It is well suited to creative, nonconformist endeavors.

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