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Positive Connotations: Nature, peaceful, growth, health, money, generosity, hope, prosperity

Negative implications: Boredom, stagnation, envy, sickness

"The color green is the easiest on our eyes because it requires no adjustment when it hits the retina. It is therefore calming, restful, and pleasing. Performers waiting to go on stage or television wait in “green rooms” to relax. Green can actually improve vision, and is used in night vision because our eyes can discern the most shades of it.

Sitting comfortably in the middle of the spectrum, green is the color of balance. It represents nature, fertility, and even sexuality. A green world is a safe world, one that is lush, full of water, and life-giving. For this reason it’s a reassuring color. Like all colors, though, green has its negative side. It is at once the symbol of health and sickness, luck and jealousy."

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