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Positive associations: Sea, sky, stability, harmony, peace, calm, trust, dependability, strength, loyalty, logic, security.

Negative implications: Coldness, aloofness, emotionless, uncaring, unappetizing

“Where red is the color of the body, blue evokes the mind. Serene and calming, it is the color of clarity and communication. According to color psychology studies, blue has been shown to be the most common favorite color among the world’s population and is particularly preferred by men. It is, of course, everywhere in our daily lives. It’s the color of the sky, the oceans, and the lakes.

This global preference and environmental omnipresence make blue non-threatening, conservative, and traditional. Brands are not taking any risks when they call on a shade of blue for their identity. It is seen as a sign of stability and reliability, and it’s been shown that workers are more productive in blue rooms.

Blue, of course, is also the color of sadness and coldness. It is among the least appetizing of colors as it is an indicator of spoilage and poison. Weight loss plans suggest you eat food off a blue plate as you’re liable to eat less of it.”

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