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How To Become The Go-To-Expert in your field

Here Are 10 Tips To Establish Your Brand As The Authority in Your Field When You Are A New Entrepreneur.

If you are like me, when I was a new entrepreneur just starting out, I searched for articles and roadmaps on how to jump-start my new business.

In every article I read it said that I must first establish my credibility and position myself as the go-to expert in my field.

I understood their point - yet as a new entrepreneur without a lot of experience, I did not have a treasure trove of published articles on famous blogs, or interviews of me on other peoples' podcasts that I could showcase…… So, I was always left hanging with the question,

“If I’m just starting my business, so how the heck do I establish myself as a “Go-to-expert?”

So you don’t have to struggle with the same question, I have put together my top ten tips to become an authority in your area of expertise.

Here are 10 Tips to become the Go-To-Expert in your field.


Define your brand identity

Write out your business purpose, clarify your niche and establish a clear brand identity. Your brand is how others percieve you and your business. Therefore it is essential that you are crystal clear on your business purpose, know who your niche is and how you can give them superior service and value to solve their problems and fulfill their needs, wishes and desires. This is a roadmap for success and the most essential step you need to take to set you up to thrive in your business.


Design and launch a branded website that attracts your ideal clients and converts viewers into buyers.

Having a branded website is vital to your business. It’s even more important now than ever. Your website will serve as a virtual brick and mortar business office or shop. Your website is the best place for you to establish a relationship with your potential customers. This is where they will come to learn about what you offer, if your product or service solves their problems or fulfills their needs, wishes and desires. Here, they will also learn about you, your purpose and the unique value your business offers. Write! Begin writing articles to publish on your own blog. This is the best way to improve both your SEO (using a long-form content strategy), deepen your knowledge base and share your wisdom.


Hone your public speaking skills.

If you are not comfortable speaking on stage, I recommend joining Toastmasters.

Once you hone your public speaking skills, begin doing FB lives, etc. (I can not recommend Toastmasters enough. They provide a solid curriculum to lead you through the essentials of delivering a powerful speech, provide critical feedback in a safe environment. In addition, you will have an opportunity to meet other local business owners that may lead to future collaborations and referrals!)


Network, network, network.

Join industry groups, attend workshops and seminars. You will not only continue to expand your expertise in your industry, you will also make valuable connections with others. This is a wonderful place to find potential collaborations and referral partners. Eventually, you may even pursue becoming one of the speakers at the event, which will really help you establish you as an expert in your field!


Gather and showcase client testimonials

One of the best ways to establish your expertise and the value of your products or services is to highlight customer testimonials on your website and social media feeds.


Share your knowledge and wisdom.

Choose a platform that best suits your strengths and personality.

  • Blog / Write: If you are a natural writer, then write blog posts for your own website and become a contributing blogger for other websites and industry magazines.

  • Vlog/Video: If you feel more comfortable on camera, then video may be your best form of communication. You can begin with a series of Facebook/Instagram/YouTube lives, and then move on to hosting a YouTube channel.

  • Podcast: If you prefer speaking without the pressure of being in front of a camera, then Podcasting may be for you. In short, there are so many ways that you can share your insights with others… Just find the one that is the easiest and most enjoyable for you!

  • Teach classes and workshops: Some people are natural teachers, in which case teaching and leading classes, workshops and retreats is an excellent way to impart your knowledge with others and instantly establish your creditbility and expertise in your field.


Brand your business from the very first day.

In my opinion, the first thing new business owners should do is define their brand identity, design their visual assets (your branded color palette, fonts and logo) and launch a branded website.

One of the main reasons I think branding is important is because it helps new business owners become crystal clear on their business purpose, clarify their niche, understand who their ideal client is, clearly state what the unique value is of their service or product offerings and communicate their brand personality clearly and consistently. By delivering a branded experience and content across all forms of interaction with your customers, you will increase your brand recognition and awareness, and build customer loyalty and trust. … This is the recipe for increasing sales.


Be Consistent

Deliver high quality, high value content to your niche and ideal customers.


Collaborate with others.

Collaboration is key! I love the phrase, a rising tide lifts all boats. By collaborating with others in your field, or with complimentary businesses, both parties benefit. For example, you could feature a guest speaker on your podcast, and then they could invite you to join them on stage at their next event. In addition, you can also help promote each others products or programs. The best benefit by far is the mutual support and encouragement you can give each other along the way growing your businesses.


Deliver excellent service and value to your ideal clients in everything you do!

In order to do this, it is pertinent to have a deep understanding of your niche and who your ideal client is. Once you have insight into what your clients' biggest struggles and challenges are, and what their goals, aspirations and dreams are, you can thoughtfully address these topics in all of your content. This will ensure that every blog post, instagram story and program you sell provides your ideal client with value. This is the surefire way to build trust and develop a loyal tribe of superfans.

If you are thinking to yourself, yeah, sure, all of this sounds good....but how do I do this? I totally understand! It's my goal to help as many heart-centered entrepeneurs get their businesses up and running as quickly as possible so they can start sharing their work and healing our world. If you would like some support and a step-by-step coaching program to guide you to clarify your brand, design your brand assets and build a website that converts, then please shoot me an email and let's chat to see if one of the Brandify coaching programs would be a good fit for you. I would be honored to support you!

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