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Grab the Guide!


Learn how to rock 
Your SEO on wix!

Seo Guide And Workbook

There is SO much outdated, mis-information out there about Wix having poor SEO.  That is simply UNTRUE!  It is very robust and easy to do!  Grab this guide and workbook so you can learn how to rock your SEO on Wix!

Brandify How to Rock Your SEO on Wix v 4.jpg
Sandy Shaw Founder of BrandifyHQ


I'm Sandy.

I want to see you be as successful as possible, change the world with your gifts, AND get paid doing what you love. 

That is why I have taken my 20 years of experience in branding, marketing, art, and design to create a fun and easy system to support entrepreneurs to craft their brands and to launch their businesses.

I am so excited to launch my new Brandify + Wix Kits.  They are the total affordable solution: The kits include professionally designed Wix website templates & a step-by-step course so you can easily launch your website and host an online course on your Wix site quickly and easily!

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