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Cogent Optics: A Cutting Edge, Modern Website with Custom Video Graphics & Animations

Cogent Optics, founded by Douglas Leon, uses cutting-edge technology to create 3-D Design Ready Renderings.

Brand Identity:

Brandify and Douglas worked together to clarify a brand identity for Cogent Optics that conveys that Cogent Optics is customer centric, uses cutting-edge technology, is easy to work with, and has a sense of playfulness.

Brand Messaging and Website Copy:

In addition, Brandify employed Donald Miller's StoryBrand framework to ensure that all of the brand messaging and copy on the website clearly communicated who Cogent Optics is, what they do, who they serve, and why people should hire them over their competitors.

Design Solutions:

In order to convey those aspects, Brandify created a custom video graphic for the hero image. The sky in the background with moving clouds is relevant to Cogent Optics because they use a point-cloud system to create the 3-D designs.

Another custom, interactive animated elements is the navigation menu icon. It is a plus shape (because the 3-D renderings are created in a grid system) and the plus sign spins when the user hovers over it.

Another main feature of the website is the portfolio page. Cogent Optics works on a wide-variety of projects in the Bay Area and throughout California

Check out their new site here!

The Home Page:


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