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NINE Quick & Easy


I created this cheat sheet because I remember struggling to figure out a lead magnet I could easily design so that I could launch an opt-in funnel and begin collecting and growing my email list!

Don't struggle - use this cheatsheet to help you figure out which lead magnet...aka, Freebie, you want to offer today!

Subscribe & Get the Checklist, Nine Quick & Easy Freebie Ideas that you can launch quickly to begin growing your email list asap! 

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Sandy Shaw Founder of BrandifyHQ


I'm Sandy.

I want to see you be as successful as possible, change the world with your gifts, AND get paid doing what you love. 

That is why I have taken my 20 years of experience in branding, marketing, art, and design to create a fun and easy system to support entrepreneurs to craft their brands and to launch their businesses.

I am so excited to announce that I will soon be launching Design To Scale - my new Brand & Website Design 3-Month Accelerator!

It includes done-for-you Visual Branding, done-with-you Brand Messaging & a done-for-you website design on Wix so you can easily swap out images & copy. Plus it inlcudes a step-by-step course to support you to easily and quickly launch a high-level branded website!

Click here to join the Design To Scale - Founders Waitlist!

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