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Webinars on Wix Website Kit


This all in one solution is for Online Course Creators who want to market and host their webinars on Wix. The Kit Includes: + Webinar registration page - Simple Style + Webinar registration page - Live & Evergreen - Long Form style - plug-n-play Wix template + Webinar Replay page + Events Page + How to create an event and host online meetings & webinars on Wix. + How to style the Webinar login page & Webinar Room Page + How to set up automated emails: o Registration Confirmation o Webinar Reminder + How to use labels and tags so you can send emails to a selected audience + Email swipe files for Webinar Replay email sequence. + BONUS: The easiest way to record & edit videos for sharing slides or screen recordings. + How to set up a super simple Affiliate Platform for free!


5 Plans Available, From $117.00/month


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