SNEAK PEEK! | Brandify Your Website! An online WIX website design course

I am so excited you have enrolled in Brandify your website!

I am honored to coach you on your adventure designing, building and launching your professional website!

The reason I am so passionate about helping entrepreneurs design, build and launch professional websites that are both beautlful AND convert is because I want to see you out there playing a bigger game, and sharing more of your work with the world!

The intention of the Brandify Your Website course is to offer business owners a solution to having an awesome website that they are proud of, attracts their ideal clients and converts AND at an affordable price!

Build out the mobile-optimized version of your website.s, tips and tools, products, recommended reading, TedTalks, etc. o design a professional website. Or, try to DIY it on their own, resulting in a website that looks DIY and unprofessional.

This is where Brandify Your Website provides a solution - you get the best of both worlds!

This affordable course take the expense, stress and overwhelm away from creating a website. It guides you through a step-by-step framework so that you can easily write compelling copy, choose the best images, strategically design and build your website. ... And you will get professional results because I will be coaching you along the way and giving you feedback so your website will be amazing.

So, let's get started so you can launch your website, and start making more money doing what you love and make a bigger impact in the world!



Program Details

Live Q&A Calls:

When: Every 2nd + 4th Tuesday of each month

Time: 3:00 - 4:30PM, PST

Place: Zoom

Typically, business owners only have two choices to design a website. The first is to spend $10,000 to hire an agency to design a professional website. Or, try to DIY it on their own, resulting in a website that looks DIY and unprofessional. d!

Private Community

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​This private Facebook group will be the perfect place to get to know other business owners, brainstorm new ideas, find new collaborators, get feedback and to ask questions.

Access BYW Course Content

All course content is available on this course portal including:

Course Modules

Resources Page - Includes recommended apps and websites, tips and tools, products, recommeneded reading, TedTalks, etc.

Recordings of lessons and Live Q&A meetings.

Plus: I decided to add a bonus. ~ You have lifetime access to all course content and materials.

5 Key Benefits of having a

branded, professional website

1. A website makes you look professional. 84% of today’s consumers think a website makes your business more credible

2. Your website can showcase clearly your products and services. Every business needs an online presence where potential buyers can view their products and services. According to a SCORE research study, 97 percent of consumers search for products and services online, according to figures.

3. A professional website establishes your credibility and if done well, builds customer trust.

4. Your branded website will "distinguish you from your competition" and magnetize your ideal clients, according to this Verisign article.

5. Reach more clients. Verisign found that 88 percent of U.S. small businesses with a website agree that it’s made it easier for customers to find their business.


01. introduction to website design

  • Website Anatomy and Terminology Guide

  • Website Research Workbook

02. Learn how to write compelling copy

  • Define your tone of voice

  • Pre-writing exercises

  • Website copy template workbook

03. all about images

  • Learn how to choose the right images for your brand

  • Image Organiztion Tips

  • Learn how to easily batch optimize your images for SEO

04. Design your website layout

  • Strategically design the flow of your website architecture

  • Design your wireframe

  • Layout your images, headlines and copy orgainzer.

04. Build your website

  • Learn how to use the Wix website builder. Why Wix? Click here to find out!

  • 2 Day Retreat - Build your website.

05. Mobile optimize your website

  • Build out the mobile optimized version of your website.

06. SEO!

  • Connect your domain name to your website.

  • SEO checklist.

  • Learn how to use analytic tools.

07. LAunCH your website!

  • It's time to announce your website to the world and LAUNCH!

  • Launch Party Celebration!

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