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Are you ready to up level your business with confidence and launch your signature brand?

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Imagine this...

+   Ending the struggle, overwhelm and stress of trying to brand your business

+   Getting crystal clear on your business niche and message.

+   Having a roadmap that guides you to easily brand, design and launch your business on-line.


+   Being part of a entrepreneurial mastermind community

+  Learning the basics of design so you can quickly design your branded promotional materials to market your new programs, products and services on the fly!

+   Having a professional brand that attracts customers, builds confidence and loyalty, resulting in increased sales!

I've created coaching framework that guides you step-by-step to create a with confidence and ease!

Copy of Get inspired-2.png
Copy of Get inspired-2.png


for success

a 6-week group program

BRAND accelerator program

Image by Priscilla Du Preez

learn how to



craft a brand that...


Clearly tells your story.

+  Connects emotionally with your ideal customers.

+ Makes you stand out in a sea of  competition.


+ Builds customer confidence and loyalty.

+ Leads to increased sales and helps more people.

Let's you make a bigger impact on the world and make more money doing what you you love!

the curriculum

Take a sneak peak at





Clarify your business mission and purpose.

Define your produce, service or done-for-you-solution 

Determine what the transformation is that you offer your clients.

Draft your brand purpose statement

“A great way to clarify what kind of brand you want to build for your business is to think about what kind of experience you want your customers to have when they work with you, visit your website or check you out on social media.”

-Sandy Takashima

brandify is

perfect for you if...

+ You're a heart-centered entrepreneur who is just getting started.

+  You have have been in business for 0 - 3 years or are in the midst of rebranding.

+  You're prepared to put in the work to successfully clarify and brand your business

+ You just don't know where to get started or feel overwhelmed going it alone.

+ You just need a clear step-by-step roadmap and told exactly what to do.

+ You want to find your niche and position yourself as an expert in your field.

+  You want a professional brand to create recognition and customer confidence

+ You want credibility and to create confidence in your potential customers by having an awesome brand across all platforms of interaction.

Copy of Get inspired-2.png

Finally, launch your business

online with confidence! 

Even more, as you launch new products and service offerings, you will be able to quickly and easily design all the branded promotional materials you need to successful launch your new offerings.  

Plus, any businesses that are 0-3 are going to grow quickly.  It's HUGE to be able to update your brand and website to reflect your evolution.

I'm so excited to support you on your journey.  I look forward to meeting you!

What will I get?

+   You will get crystal clear on the mission of your business 

+  Identify your brand's core values

+   Define your ideal client / niche.

+  Uncover your competitive advantage and what your client's big transformation will be from working with you or using your products. 

+ Identify your brand attributes 

+  Master the fundamental design principles

+  Learn how to use Canva and other great, free design tools

+  Create your color palette

+  Learn how to design a mood board for your brand inspiration 

+  Choose your font styles

+  Design a simple logo

+  Make a brand board

+  Be empowered to know how to design and update your website so that as your website reflects your evolving business vision and brand.

Take aways

I was so overwhelmed trying to figure out my niche and who I wanted to serve.  The Brandify program helped me zero in on my ideal client, and then I was able to go through the branding process and cater my messaging and visuals to my target audience.  Now my business not only looks professional, it is professional because I am clear on my story, my purpose, my client and what my brand takes a stand for!


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This 4-week, group program includes: