Hello! I'm Sandy

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Brandify HQ Founder, Sandy Shaw, Brand Strategist and Website Designer, Coach

I want to see you be as successful as possible, changing the world with your gifts AND get paid doing what you love. 


That is why I have taken my 20 years of experience in branding, marketing, art and design to create a step-by-step framework enhanced with live coaching to support entrepreneurs to craft compelling brands that attract their ideal clients, design and build website that convert viewers into buyers.


I want empower you to launch your business online and have a powerful, consistent brand across all platforms.  


It's my passion to help you get your work out into the world in a bigger way, and make a larger impact on the world by sharing your gifts and thriving in your business!

Brandify HQ Founder, Sandy Shaw on Mother's Day

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Mother's Day!  

If only every day could be mother's day.  :)

What I'm reading


 I have  have linked the book titles to my Amazon Associate page so that you can easily buy the book if you are interested. 

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Brandify HQ Recommended book, Building A Story Brand


a story


Donald Miller

Brandify HQ Recommended book, Daring Greatly




Brene Brown



Elizabeth Gilbert

Brandify HQ Recommended book, Big Magic

All the

light we



Anthony Doerr

Brandify HQ Recommended book, All the Light We Cannot See