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design a wining website that

supercharges your business

Brandify HQ | Brandify Your Website Course - Copy, Content and Professional, Modern Website Design
Brandify HQ | Copy, Content and Website Design Coaching Program

 Launch a website that you feel proud of and builds customer confidence!


+  Attracts your ideal customer.

+  Uses marketing strategy to turn viewers into buyers

+ Establishes you as an expert in your field!

Let's you make a bigger impact on the world and make more money doing what you you love!

Imagine this...

+   Ending the struggle, overwhelm and stress of trying to design your website all on your own.

+   Having a roadmap that guides you to easily write your copy, choose the perfect images, easily build and launch your dream website!

+   Learning how to design your own website that is gorgeous, professional and converts... all without spending a fortune hiring a design agency.

+   Being empowered to know how to easily build your site and have complete control over it!

+   Being part of a entrepreneurial mastermind community

+   Being proud to show off your new professionally branded website that attracts customers, builds confidence and loyalty, and results in increased sales!

I've created coaching framework that guides you step-by-step to create your dream website with confidence and ease!

Copy of Get inspired-2.png
Copy of Get inspired-2.png

the curriculum

Take a sneak peak at

Module 1  | write your copy+content


MODULE 2 | DESIGN your website

step 1  - website purpose

Clarify the purpose of your website

Determine your call-to-action.

Website strategy overview - how to convert visitors to paying clients

"If your work isn't online, it doesn't exist."

-Austin Kleon

brandify is

perfect for you if...

+  You're a heart-centered entrepreneur who is just getting started.

+  You have already finished the Brandify For Success, and completed all of the coursework.  This will allow you to easily design your branded website and write copy for it too!

+  You have have been in business for 0 - 3 years or are in the midst of rebranding.

+  You're prepared to put in the work to successfully write your copy, design and launch your website!

+  You just don't know where to get started or feel overwhelmed going it alone.

+  You just need a clear step-by-step roadmap and told exactly what to do.

+ You want a professional website that will position yourself as an expert in your field.

+  You want a branded website that will create recognition and customer confidence

+ You want credibility and to create confidence in your potential customers by having an awesome website that converts viewers into buyers! 

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What will I get?

+  Learn how to write copywriting techniques

+  How to organize/file your content on your computer tutorial

+  Website content planner - copy and images

+  How to brand stock photography for your website tutorial

+  How to do your own styled, branded photoshoot at home.

+  Website design fundamentals 

+  Learn how to use Canva and other great, free design tools

+  Learn how to use Wix to easily create your website!

+  Be empowered to know how to design and update your website so that your website always reflects your evolving business vision and brand.

BONUS:  Get a free Launch Planner - full of ways to spread the word about your awesome, new website!

BONUS:  Opt-in creation workshop

BONUS:  Set up your branded, automated, welcome newsletter workshop

Take aways

I was so overwhelmed trying to figure out my niche and who I wanted to serve.  The Brandify program helped me zero in on my ideal client, and then I was able to go through the branding process and cater my messaging and visuals to my target audience.  Now my business not only looks professional, it is professional because I am clear on my story, my purpose, my client and what my brand takes a stand for!


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This 6-week, group program includes:

6 Live group coaching calls.

Lifetime access to the extensive Brandify Your Website curriculum

The curriculum is packed with videos, strategic workbooks, worksheets, templates and tutorials.

Tools and resource kit

and instruction on how to use each one.

Hands on support from Sandy

You'll get access to the Brandify private support page where I will be there to support you and give you feedback.


You will be part of a mastermind community of like-minded entrepreneurs.  You can bounce ideas off them, get support and encouragement!



Copy of Get inspired-2.png
Copy of Get inspired-2.png
Copy of Get inspired-2.png

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